Creative- based Education Technology Platform specialising in Childhood development for toddlers to preteens.


Subject Areas

Arts and Craft

Art and craft activities give children a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence.


Young children are naturally curious. This natural curiosity is what drives them to explore and investigate. It is the reason they learn anything at all. 


Math is an important part of learning for children in the early years because it provides vital life skills.


Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, higher graduation rates and enhanced productivity in adult life.

Emerging Technologies

With technology and interactive media, learning becomes a multisensory and interactive experience! They promote learning and development when used intentionally and within the framework of developmentally- appropriate practice to support learning goals and expand educational opportunities for all children.

Projects and Events

Early Bird Reading Programme

Saturday Art Classes

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Awards & Honors

When our team provides design and digital marketing. Applied arts can include industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, and the decorative arts which traditionally includes craft objects.

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What Our Parents Say


Ihiese has been teaching both of my sons for years, and I must say, she is fantastic at what she does. My first son has started reading bit by bit with her help. Also, she is patient with the kids and very understanding. I’m glad to have her as my child's tutor.
We as parents are very grateful and thankful for the progress that we saw especially to Teacher Ihiese's patience and eagerness to teach Elijah.
We love all the fun times and learning support we have got from you. Yasmin has thrived under your tutelage and is such a lover of books now. Can't think of a better investment of time and money tbh.

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We help guide parents in their search for the education they want their children to experience by providing tutors for specific needs, lifestyles, and locations.

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